FFTA Talking Points-2017

Co-sponsor bicameral, bipartisan legislation creating a national definition and standards for therapeutic family care (TFC).
     Therapeutic/Treatment family care is a level of care delivered in family settings and is equivalent to an institutional level of care. Therapeutic family care is delivered in family settings by specially trained and supported caregivers and by licensed child placing agencies that are nationally accredited.
      The House passed the Families First Prevention Services Act in the 114th Congress. This bill clearly defined a move to treating youth in family settings whenever safe to do so and to accreditation standards for serving youth with serious mental and behavioral health needs.
Protect Medicaid, CHIP, and EPSDT. Oppose Block Grants and Per Capita Grants, as well as any repeal of the Affordable Care Act without a replacement which includes affordable, quality coverage, and essential benefits as guaranteed in the ACA.
      Funding will not keep up with need, burdening state budgets.
      Medicaid will no longer respond automatically to economic downturns.
     States will be under pressure to cut benefits and reimbursements.
      States may cut eligibility, pitting vulnerable populations against each other.
Prioritize children in the federal budget. Maintain parity between non-defense discretionary spending and defense discretionary spending. Do not cut budgets on the backs of kids.
      Children’s programs accounted for a mere 2.1 percent of all new total federal spending over the last five years.
      Since 2014, the share of total federal spending on children decreased 5.1%. In 2016, the share of total federal spending on children was only 7.8%
      These trends must be reversed.
      Please support kids. They have no voice other than us…and you!