Make a Positive Impact on Treatment Foster Care in New Ways By Joining an FFTA Committee

FFTA is a member-driven association. The majority of its accomplishments are achieved through the work of the Board of Directors, committees, and chapters. Participation in an FFTA committee provides valuable opportunities to network with professionals with similar interests, broaden professional horizons, and apply a specific area of expertise.

Here are just a few benefits of committee membership:

  • Collaborate, network, and learn from colleagues and TFC experts from across North America
  • Keep your agency, FFTA members, and others informed about important issues and developments
  • Affect national policy, standards, and practices in Treatment Foster Care
  • Gain new information and experience that can be applied to your agency and its programs
  • Shape and influence Treatment Foster Care in ways that cannot be achieved in your job
  • Contribute to meeting the challenges faced by Treatment Foster Care agencies
  • Develop leadership skills that could result in professional advancement both in and outside of your agency
  • Take advantage of professional development opportunities in your area of interest or expertise
  • Benefit from peer support and mentoring opportunities through other committee members
  • Become re-energized and inspired by other professionals to enhance your work with children and families
  • Be a part of the “bigger picture” by becoming involved in the only North American-based Association specifically dedicated to Treatment Foster Care
  • …and, most importantly, make a positive impact on children, youth, and families in new and exciting ways


FFTA Committee List

Research Committee
Public Policy Committee
Editorial Committee
Membership Committee
Conference Committee
Fund Development Committee
Diversity Committee
Executive Committee
Board Development Committee
Communications Committee


Shape the Future of Treatment Foster Care by Joining an FFTA Committee!

To join an FFTA committee, contact Melissa Devlin at the FFTA office.
Call (800) 414-3382, ext. 113 or e-mail: